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Alchemy Basics

Session 1 - Karma Session 2 - Discernment Session 3 - Transmutation

  • 30 Canadian dollars
  • Vivewell Holistic Centre Holistique

Service Description

Session 1 - Karma -Freedom through radical self-forgiveness Are you ready to feel lighter, freer, and more connected to life? Join Vivewell's resident wizard Tom as we explore a powerful way to shift our realities through radical acts of forgiveness. People have many misconceptions about karma and what it is, typically conceiving of it as some sort of bitter vengeance against another who has wronged us or some punishment they are receiving for whatever mistakes they have made in the past. The truth is that karma isn't something that happens to you, it's something that emanates from you! With this knowledge we can work together for radical change and relief through accountability and self-love. This two-hour workshop will constitute of a short talk followed by an intimate sharing circle. I only ask that you come prepared to be vulnerable, raw, and to leave your ego at the door. It will feel so much better on the other side. Session 2 - Discernment Did you know that just because you have a thought, it doesn’t mean its yours? More importantly, even if it is yours, it may not be true? Most importantly (and scary) of all, are you willing to accept that you may be wrong and let go of what you believed to be true? Join Tom the Wizard at Vivewell for a workshop in which we delve into and practice what is known as discernment - an integral tool for spiritual growth, authentic self-expression, and personal liberation. Every human being on the planet is programmed by the reality that they are born into. All throughout our early life, especially when we are very young, our identities are shaped and moulded by everybody around us but ourselves. Later in life, for some sooner than others, we start butting up against the tension of what we have been told we are and our true essence, and if we fail to discern our reality for ourselves, we become slaves to circumstance and the external force of fate. It requires deep bravery to accept who we are as a person, and the ultimate reward on the other side is powerful authenticity and life in abundance. Come with humility, an open mind, and take your life in your hands and rise up to meet your greatest destiny. Session 3 - Transmutation What can you do when life gives you lemons? Make the most delicious lemonade you possibly can! It is, of course, easier said than done. Join Tom the Wizard at the Vivewell Sanctuary in the final piece of the Alchemy Basics series to learn how to cultivate resilience. 30$ tax in/session

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  • 1744 Rue William, Montreal, QC, Canada

    + 514 679 0011

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