• 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 140 Canadian dollars
  • Vivewell Holistic Centre Holistique

Service Description

HYPNOSIS IS A POWERFUL TOOL FOR TRANSFORMATION Hypnosis is a natural, yet altered, state of mind where communication and responsiveness with the subconscious mind is present. You are in complete control, and conscious. During the session progressive relaxation and deep focus techniques are used to bypass the critical mind and reach the infinite wisdom of the subconscious. In this relaxed state your subconscious mind is open and alert. It’s from here we can identify blocks, limiting beliefs, receive clarity, and heal the root cause. Hypnosis can help you go from where you are to where you want to be. By working with the subconscious mind we will identify and heal the root cause of the issue that is blocking you from achieving your goals to create the life you desire. During a hypnotherapy session Michelle uses a variety of techniques to identify the root of the issue, and resolve it by adopting new positive and empowering belief systems. Hypnosis aligns your subconscious beliefs with your conscious desires. When this happens, resistance and blocks are FINALLY released. Things start to flow because you become FREE from those old programs that you used to operate on. You experience the alignment of your subconscious mind with your conscious mind! What to Expect: Sessions last 1.5 hours long. Michelle & You will discuss the issue you would like to resolve, and the goal you would like to achieve. One issue or goal at a time is worked on per session. This is important and part of the process. Together you will explore the emotions & beliefs linked to the problematic issue, then use progressive relaxation for hypnosis. Whatever is discussed between Michelle & Clients is completely confidential. She is committed to lovingly hold space for you to feel seen, heard and SAFE to fully express yourself and achieve your goals as quickly as possible. She helps clients release blocks, old stories and labels they told themselves, and to come into complete ALIGNMENT. Living a life filled with LOVE, JOY, & PURPOSE. 48 HOURS NOTICE REQUEST TO BOOK - with goal indicated Clients are welcomed to speak French, but please note hypnosis sessions will be conducted in english with Michelle. Mandatory Google form filled out prior to session with electronic signature and consent.

Contact Details

  • 1744 Rue William, Montreal, QC, Canada

    + 514 679 0011