Vivewell is a multidisciplinary Holistic Centre offering treatments to restore and rebalance. We currently offer a variety of energy work and massage therapy treatments and are expanding our team with a vision of people working with us, not for us. Vivewell is a space to gather in community and expand our collective consciousness.

Meet the Team

Joanna Potter-Cogan

Founder & Massage Therapist

Joanna is a massage therapist and the founder of Vivewell. She provides therapeutic massages catered to the individual based on her training in Swedish, deep tissue, fasciatherapy,  kinesitherapy, and 15 years of hands-on experience. Following her passion of helping others, she moved to Montreal in 2011 to study Dietetics at McGill University from her home province of BC. From energy healing to scientific articles, Joanna is receptive to the vast spectrum of approaches to our health and wellbeing and will explore these topics with her clients. She is licensed with the Fedération Québecoise des Massothérapeutes and provides insurance receipts.

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Tom Gillard

Energy Healer

Tom is an energy healer who works with your subtle bodies to encourage your innate potential to heal on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. Using a blend of traditional Usui Reiki and Bio-Energy healing, he will offer gentle healing frequencies into your system and work to clear any dense or stagnant energies.

He is incredibly grateful for the healing he has received through these modalities on his own path and seeks to pass on these blessings to as many people as are willing to receive. Tom wishes for all to find lasting peace in their mind, body, and soul - for as we heal ourselves, we in turn heal each other.

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Michelle Rose

Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist

Michelle is a licensed Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She helps souls tap into their infinite potential and come into deep alignment. She helps you go from stuck to unstuck by letting go of limiting subconscious beliefs, expanding consciousness, mastering energy, and learning to become your own healer. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, a Reiki teacher, member of the Canadian Reiki Association, and meditation instructor.

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Alixe Faubert

Health Coach

Alixe is a holistic health coach and a registered nurse. She uses all of her previous experiences, working in hospitals and the knowledge she has received at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to be there as a guide, support and cheerleader while working towards clients’ health goals.  She works with clients by looking at all aspects of health (“food off the plate”) as well as nutrition and mindset to find an approach to empower clients to take back their health.

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Our Values

VIVEWELL (9).png

to join as one

to  expand our collective consciousness

to be open and welcoming to all beings


Join the Team

Calling all coaches, practitioners, and soul-preneurs! Our collective is expanding and we want to meet you!