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Team Members and Sacred-Space Holders


Joanna specializes in therapeutic massage. With 15 years of experience, she blends her training in Swedish, deep tissue, fasciatherapy and kinesitherapy to provide you with a personalized treatment based on your specific needs.  She is licensed with the Fedération Québecoise des Massothérapeutes and provides insurance receipts.


Founder & Lead Massage Therapist

A vision for a brighter world-



Gather- to come together in a movement of growth and change.

Seek- to explore and expand our collective consciousness.

Include- to be open and welcoming to all other beings on their life path. 

Calling all coaches, practitioners, and soul-preneurs! Our collective is expanding and we want to meet you!

We're always looking to expand our team of practitioners. The possibilities are endless in the realm of wellness, and we want to hear from you! Fill out the contact form, and we'll be in touch with you soon.

Thank you! 

Client Love

Joanna is very professional, reliable, and in touch with her clients' needs. Her massages always leave me completely relaxed and rejuvenated. She also has been teaching me the healing properties of essentials oils and how I can use them for more than just diffusing. You’re in great hands with Joanna.


-Alison M.

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