Our Services.

1 \ 60min Massage

2 \ 90min Massage

3 \ 90min Hot Stone Massage

4 \ 90min Reiki Massage

Combining blissful massage with the magic of Reiki. Our Founder duo, Joanna + Lisa, provide a space where the physical body meets the energetic body. 

5 \ 20min Chair Massage

6 \ 60min Traditional Reiki

Each session starts with a meet & greet and ends with a tarot card reading. The hour will include a full energetic body scan, in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

7 \ 60min Reiki + Crystal Therapy

Your standard Reiki session, but with the magic of crystals. Selenite to clear your aura, and the 7 chakra stones placed on or near your chakras to enhance your body’s receptivity.

8\ 60min Distant Reiki

Can’t make it in person? No sweat. Energy can be sent via thought, emotion and intention. This session will take place in the comfort of your own space, via Zoom. 


We wouldn't be here without you.

" Joanna is very professional, reliable, and in touch with her clients needs. Her massages always leave me completely relaxed and rejuvenated. She also has been teaching me the healing properties of essentials oils and how I can use them for more than just diffusing. You’re in great hands with Joanna. "


Alison M.